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Malaria Safe

A resource guide in the fight against malaria

Malaria is the opponent in a game of life and death that no one should have to play. With 3.3 billion people at risk around the world, there’s an urgent need for dedicated players, good equipment, and winning strategies to stop malaria in its tracks. That’s why countries, communities and companies large and small need access to reliable information about the policies, tests, treatments and prevention tools that can help their constituents make decisions that will save lives.

Malaria Safe Playbook

To that end, Voices  has assembled a collection of existing resources and best practices from key players in the field to encourage even more organizations to tackle malaria as a critical development issue. We call this resource guide the Malaria Safe Playbook. Malaria Safe practices are those that lead to a malaria-free future, such as net distributions and education workshops for your employees or customers.

Building from what has worked to date, this guide offers examples of key actions to take in each of the Malaria Safe four pillars - education, protection, visibility and advocacy. The Resources section of the Playbook includes informational guides, communication tools and contacts for decision-makers in the public and private sector. Designed to help organizations be Malaria Safe, the Playbook contains the following resources:

  • a description of the Four Pillars of Malaria Safe: education, protection, visibility and advocacy, and examples of concrete actions taken by Malaria Safe companies across Africa
  • malaria management guides from leading health advocacy organizations and business coalitions
  • communication tools, such as posters and leaflets that may be modified and used locally
  • authoritative fact sheets on key prevention and treatment tools
  • Malaria Safe case studies collected from companies who have implemented Malaria Safe in the field
  • contacts for net suppliers, test kit suppliers, malaria drugs, and other commodities for effective malaria control

We invite you to use the Playbook and join the UAM campaign, expanding the network of partners working to end deaths from malaria. Together, we can win the fight against malaria.