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UAM Champion: Nando's CEO and Founder Robert Brozin

Robert Brozin, CEO and Founder of Nando’s Chickenland, was born in Middelburg, about 200 kilometers from Johannesburg, South Africa. After a two-year army stint, a bachelor’s degree at University, and working two years at Price Waterhouse, he moved to Teltron, a Johannesburg-based electronics company. Whilst at Teltron, Brozin was introduced to Chickenland and envisioned building a global brand. Today that dream is a major success story. Brozin bought Chickenland with good friend Fernando Duarte, changed it into Nando’s, and today Nando’s is represented in 30 countries around the globe with almost 900 restaurants.

“As a company born and bred in Africa, Nando’s believes strongly in supporting programmes that make a real difference to the people of the continent that we call home," Brozin says. "The time to act is now, and it’s incumbent on Africans to be part of eradicating malaria from our magnificent continent.”

Since joining the United Against Malaria campaign in 2009, Nando's has led a UAM bracelet campaign that has raised hundred of thousands of dollars for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. It has also partnered with explorer Kingsley Holgate to deliver life-saving mosquito nets to vulnerable communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa. And it has educated employees and customers throughout the world. On World Malaria Day 2012, the company will deliver insecticide-treated bednets to farmers in Mozambique, where its peri peri chili peppers are grown.