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May 2012

  • At 22nd RBM Board Meeting, United Against Malaria Tallies Successes

    Powerful partnerships are an integral part of successful malaria control efforts. One such partnership is Roll Back Malaria, whose board comprised of global health experts and leaders met last week in Geneva to address challenges in achieving malaria elimination. Another partnership is United Against Malaria, whose growing list of partners in Africa are driving local implementation efforts to a new level. This campaign currently counts more than 70 private sector partners in Africa--from telecommunications companies to banks to hotels and agri-businesses.

  • Musicians and Malaria in Mali: Voices Champions Sing Out

    In 2011, American journalist David Taylor visited the Mali offices of Voices to learn about the role of griots, or traditional musicians, in high-level advocacy and behavior change communication. He met with Abdoulaye Diabaté, a renowned musician and Voices champion that has sung and spoken about malaria to influential audiences in Mali, with applaudable results.

  • Voices and UAM Reach Out to African Audiences Via Super Sport TV

    In a recent television interview, Anna McCartney-Melstad of Voices for a Malaria-Free Future and Edgar Watson of the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) appeared on SuperSport's "Thursday Night Live with Mawara" to promote United Against Malaria. The South Africa-based sports show discussed ways in which football fans can protect themselves from malaria, a preventable and treatable disease that kills a child every 60 seconds.